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          • PN6A03B Thermostatic valve testing machine
          • Model No:
          • Technical parameters:
          • 1. Technical conditions: conform to the testing criteria of National Standard QB (2806-2006) Thermostatic Faucets (Type Code: T) and European Standard EN1111 Thermostatic Valve, and be capable of conducting the tests on torsion, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, sensitivity, temperature difference, pressure difference and safety upon cold water failure.

            2.   Device: PLC

            3. Touch screen (operation console is equipped with industrial tablet PC)

            4. Transmission: motor, pneumatic operation, frequency conversion

            5. Power: 2.2KW

            6. Automatically display the reason for disqualification

            7. Replaceable work fixture

            8. Featuring storability and traceability

            9. Capable of printing curve graph and table

            10. Automatically remove the residual water after the test completes

            11. Material: # 304 stainless steel

            12. Dimension: 1500*1100*1100

            13. Power: automatic supply system 37KW

            14. Automatic supply system: PLC control, can preorder auto-clean the sink, auto-fill water, auto-heat water, mix used 38 water can be collected and recycle to save water.  38 water collection has filter alarm device.


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