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          • 4 spindle horizontal disc driling and tapping machine
          • Model No: PN-110KT-4H
          • Technical parameters:
          • function
            1.Use import PLC in order to realize fast insert,locationed insert and fast  back
            2.Srit for machining quantity productions of gate valve,globe valve and tweoway hole application,etc
            3.Be able to double drilling and tapping only one time fixing for high quality productions
            4.1st and 2nd drilling  3rd and 4th tapping(1st,2nd,3rd and 4rh can adiust uertical movement and angle and left) by lead screw for precision productions
            5.Slider system with guideway ultrasonic frequency quenching and lubricating system for longer service life and higher precision
            6.Cross slider has lubricating system,drived by cylinder for better location and stabilization.
            7.This machine adopts Human-man interface operation,include abnormal state alarming system,circuit error diagnosis and optional chip removal system parameter
            Max boring DIA:40mm
            Spindle motor:3HP-6HP
            Max tapping DIA:M30 Pipr(brass piece):G1 1/4
            Motor for drlling:3HP-4P
            Motor for tapping:2.2HP-6P
            Spindle tranel: 140mm
            Spindle diameter:110mm
            Spindle taperBT40(7:24-40#)
            The cylinder:380mm
            Clamping cylinder:120mm
            Hydraulic pressure:1.5-3.5MPa
            Net weight:3500kg
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