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          • 3 ways 6 spindle vertical movement driling and tapping machine
          • Model No: PN-110W3-6Z
          • Technical parameters:
          • function
            1.Use import PLC for simple operatlon。
            2.Srit for machining 3 positions valves application。
            3.Fix the clamp at one time,three ways milling synchronously in first positilnand threeways tapping synchronously in the second position to improve capacity and ensure the quality。
            4.Vertical movement base move by high precision lead column, lead coverand lead positi on.Hydraulic driver,buffering system and locatin device for bhigh precision。
            5.This machine adopts Human-man interface operation,include abnormal state alarming s ystem,circuit error diagnosis and optional chip remonval system。
            Max boring DIA: 60mm
            Max tapping DIA:M50
            Motor for drlling:4HP-4P
            motor for tapping:3HP-6P
            spindle ext-diameter:140mm
            spindle taper: 110mm
            spindle taper BT40(7:24-40#)
            Hydraulic pressure:1.5~3.5MPa
            Capacity of production:20sec
            machine dimension:2200x1300x2000mm
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