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          Gravity casting and foundry casting Comparison
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          Gravity Die Casting

           Foundry Casting

          Area under the equal production quantity

          About 100

          About 500


          Temperature of pouring


          950 degree


          1050 degree

          loss of copper (exclusive of recycle part )




          proportion of sprue ( finished casting and proportion of pouring)


          4:1 to 5:1 and sprue  is small


          2:1 to 1:1, and sprue is large




          Quality of product

          Casting thickness is uniformity, high density, the surface of inside and outside  is smoothly, consistent  overall dimensions, finishing fast, high polishing & machining efficiency

          To have slag on casting products the surface is roughness of both inside and outside, different overall dimensions, low efficiency on machining & polishing, consumption of materials and time-consuming & material consuming



          Rate of good products

          92% ~ 98% high pass rate (refer to placing sand core), the yield is higher if there is no sand cores in casting products



          High reject rate





          Labor efficiency

          Only7 persons (90KW frequency furnace, two sets of sand core blower machine, 2sets of gravity casting machine, one set of mix sand machine,

          staff:: sand core machine 2persons, Gravity casting 3persons,Edge Finish 2persons) , can be die-casted 900-1200pcs per 8 hours





          Above 14 persons


          State of pollution

          Gravity Casting lower pouring temperature required & less pollution

          Coal & oil furnace has air pollution during melting process


          State of operation

           Easy operation with only two hours training don’t need to  have deep technology

          Skilled technical requirements

           High physical exaction

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